[T]he Habari community is pleased to present version 0.4 of Habari ...

It did seem like it took a long time to finally get over the line, but now we have the most exciting Habari release yet, at least until the next one. These are, in my opinion, a few of the most exciting developments.

  • Media support with silos, which provide simple access to different media services. Habari includes plugins for simple file access on the server, Viddler, and Flickr, and I've written a basic YouTube silo. Right in your browser you can navigate to your media, double click, and bam, there it is in your post. Owen Winkler has created a demonstration, and it speaks louder than any of my words.
  • Access control and permissions support, though at this stage it's not being used internally, that will come in the next release (which, by the way, is slated for 15 May). I'm excited about this because it will enable me to eventually move my private research blog here. Scott Merrill and Owen did most of the work on this, but I helped out a bit, which was lots of fun.
  • With so much development going on it's inevitable that some stuff that's working will break. The inclusion of a basic unit testing framework will allow the community to start developing a significant batch of unit tests that will protect us from releasing breakages and save an enormous amount of time tracking down pesky bugs. I look forward to getting some tests written.

So, please, download and enjoy Habari 0.4.